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Local CERT Training Classeses
Basic CERT Training Advanced CERT Training (ACT) Classes Instructor Training
Online CERT Training Courses
Note: one cannot take the Basic CERT training online and become a certified CERT. The online CERT course available on covers the same material but lacks the critical hands-on components only available through taking the classes locally.
Citizen Corp Online CoursesFEMA Online CoursesAmerican Red Cross Classes
Other classes of interest  

The Basic CERT program includes the following modules:

Disaster Preparation
Fire Suppression
Medical Operations, Part 1
Medical Operations, Part 2
Search & Rescue
CERT Organization & Disaster Psychology
Final Review and Simulation

When possible, there is more than one series of classes being taught in the county. Since successful completion of the CERT program includes taking every, if someone has to miss a class, they can contact one of the other agency coordinators to see about taking that course when it is being offered elsewhere on another night. Attendence at make-up classes must be pre-approved by and signed off on the course instructor, on the CERT Class Make-up Form. View the current Basic Class schedule...

Advanced CERT Training (ACT) classes takes a more indepth look at some of the skills and knowledge areas learned in basic training, such as medical operations, and introduces new modules, such as wildland urban interface. We have manuals, handouts and Power Point slides for some of our past ACTs available for downloading on our ACT page. See below for our current Advanced CERT Training Class Schedule.

Instructor Training is where CERT grads can themselves become trained and certified to teach Basic CERT classes. Instructor Training Schedule...

Still not sure what is involved in CERT training? Check out the videos linked to our front page.

Can't take the formal class yet but you still want to learn the basic materials? Download the CERT Participant Manual and Visuals.





WhereWhenAgency Coordinator Contact

All agencies are under budget pressures and so may not offer classes in the coming year, or offer them as often. There have been no CERT classes in the City of Santa Rosa since 2006, and we do not forsee any being offered in the near future. - 07/10/2012



Most agencies schedule two rounds of classes a year, in the Spring and Fall. If you are interested in taking the CERT course, contact the Agency Coordinator for your area, or in the adjacent area if there is not yet any CERT training going on in your area.

Still not sure what is involved in CERT training? Check out the videos linked to our front page.


Details will be posted as they are finalized. (TBA = to be announced)



Upcoming ACTS - Watch for them in 2012-2013

CERT Leadership & Team BuildingWildfire Urban Interface (WUI)
NIMS / ICS Team Building
Scene Size-up
Advanced First Aid 
Stress Management 
Have a suggestion for an ACT class topic? Please let us know!

Have you moved? Changed your email address? If you want to stay on your agency coordinator's mailing list to get emailed notices of upcoming events and registration information, contact your Agency Coordinator today!



WhenWhereFor more info, contact:
None presently scheduled  



 CERT Training Videos
IS-317Introduction to CERT
 CERT Animal Response I: Emergency preparedness for animal owners, animal-related functions in emergency management and how to recognize specific animal behaviors. AR-I Participant Manual (PDF)
CERT Animal Response II: CERT role in responding to animal issues and the skills needed when they encounter animals while performing their broader CERT response functions. AR-II Participant Manual (PDF)


FEMA Online Courses
These courses off more information on ICS, NIMS, and other emergency response functions. Furthering our knowledge in these areas will enable CERTS to better interact with and operate within the emergency response structure with emergency responders and the Emergency Operations Center (EOC).
FEMA Independent Study Program (ISP) complete listing of classes
IS-7A Citizen's Guide to Disaster Assistance
IS-10Animals In Disaster - Module A: Awareness and Preparedness
IS-11Animals In Disaster - Module B: Community Planning
IS-22Are You Ready? An In-Depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness
IS-100.aIntroduction to Incident Command System
IS-111Livestock in Diasters
IS-200.aICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Responses
IS-700.aNIMS: An Introduction
IS-775EOC Management and Operations
Other FEMA Classes of Special Interest
IS-197.EMSpecial Needs Planning Considerations for Emergency Management
IS-197.SPSpecial Needs Planning Considerations for Service & Support Providers
IS-366Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters


Other Courses of Interest
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American Red Cross Classes of Interest to CERTS

Find out what the Red Cross does--and doesn't--do when disaster strikes. All Red Cross Disaster Services courses are free, and you do not need to be a current volunteer to take the courses offered at the Red Cross Chapter's office. Red Cross volunteers may take the online courses offered through the online training system or check-out the DVDs/videos and manuals from the Chapter.

July - December 2012All Health & Safety and Disaster Services Classes;   Disaster Services Classes only (all DS classes are free)
WhenWhatWhere & How

Ham Radio

See our Hams page for information on upcoming classes and local amateur radio organizations





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